The La Rotonda's honey

The La Rotonda’s honey

The honey is not just a product, it represents and encloses much more.

It is a fruit that comes from the earth and if the earth is healthy and the bees feel comfortable, then the honey will also be good as a result.

The Rotonda’s voluntary sets up in the vicinity of the Palladian Villa so close to the hives for the production of the honey, wants to in some sense, create a correspondence between what can be defined as both the internal beauty and the external beauty, that is, the countryside and the nature that surrounds it.

The bees are the natural thermometer of the quality of the context, villa/countryside.

The rest of the countryside needs to represent what the earth can give us in the moment in which we need it most.

The bees have been chosen precisely because they symbolize industriousness and collaboration. They enter into symbiosis with La Rotonda, a place full of stimuli which becomes impossible to remain still. On the other hand, it is necessary to underline how the countryside and in general the natural landscape, are a fundamental element for the Villas born to manage these great properties of land and La Rotonda is no exception, it stands on a natural contoured elevated position that acts as a dress, it gives it context as it is spontaneously part of the DNA of the Villa itself.

From this perspective honey production, sold at Villa’s bookshop, is meant to be the first step of a bigger project that aims, in the next future, to give new dignity to the natural landscape and change it in a context which can make a big difference, giving the example to the visitors to experience it more actively and involving, as part of the Villa itself.